Overview Information Coca is a plant. The leaves of the coca plant are the source of cocaine, which is an illegal drug that is used nasally, injected, or s

COCA is a St. Louis nonprofit whose arts-based events, training, and programming encourage people to see, think and express themselves in new ways.

As palavras coça e cossa existem na língua portuguesa e estão corretas.A palavra coça, muito utilizada pelos falantes, pode ser um substantivo ou uma forma c

Featuring all three COCA Dance Ensembles— COCAdance, Ballet Eclectica and the COCA Hip-Hop Crew— celebrating the work of artists of color, including

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COCA started as a single restaurant in 1957. We have kept growing globally across 14 countries. Today, we are celebrating 60 years of success.

Coca definition, a shrub, Erythroxylon coca, native to the Andes, having simple, alternate leaves and small yellowish flowers. See more.

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The Council on Culture & Arts (COCA) is a non-profit that serves as the facilitator and voice for the arts and cultural industry in Florida's capital area.